Is it really this hard!?

I am really trying not to turn in some crazy anal retentive wack job bridzilla, but thats getting really hard. I thought it would get easy after I booked the venue, which I finally did (I’ve been engaged since August) and they are amazing. Not only is this place affordable, but they do the decorations, food, cake and pretty much everything else. So I thought ‘Hey now that I got this everything should just fall into place‘ Oh sweet glory hole was I wrong.

I am just trying to pick out some invitations and some save the dates, but it seems to be impossible to find something that my fiance won’t turn down, that had my color scheme and that is affordable. This combination is just looking impossible. I DON”T WANT TO SPEND $600 ON INVITATIONS!

My Fiance and I are paying for this ourselves, we can’t afford this shite! So I’m only at the invitations I haven’t even gotten to the other things and I’m already going pretty Nutso. Thank god for my MoH because I don’t think I could do this on my own.

Will I be able to eventually keep my piece of mind? Will this break me or make me? Do people even care?

I should really do some meditation or buy some Valium because by September I think I’m just gonna attack Japan!


Stay tuned to see if I stay sane.