Girls Night in!

It’s that time again, Tuesday!

Girls night in and we have a very special one… THE PROM EDITION!

We watched one of our my favorite movies. Romy and Michele”s High school reunion.

I decided to wear a very special dress (on sale at Ross) So special in fact that I have decided to post a picture.


The Movie was entirely entertaining and I loved it. Apparently I am Michele and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We also came to the conclusion that Vincent Ventresca who plays Billy in the movie is a butherface, (or should it be buthisface?) I find Alan Cummings slightly attractive and 90’s hair, make up and clothing was hilarious.

There was quite a bit of conversation going on as we watched the movie, but it was all mundane and to be honest I don’t remember much of it. Most of it I think was just comparing each other to the characters in the movie, singing the wonderful soundtrack with the move and me yelling at my fiance for not taking me high school prom.

Our drink was Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. It was okay but very much reminded me of fun times.

We ate pizza as our prom food and I had WAY too many slices of it.

Overall Tonight was fun and much needed. I really can’t wait for the next girls night and so as I am so tired I shall leave you with a lovely picture of ArtsCollide and myself


Girls Night in!

It’s that time again, Tuesday!

Girls night in and this time we watched Princess Bride.

The theme was suppose to be princess but as I was exhausted I settled for a flowy (is that a word) purple shirt.

The Movie was as you all know very entertaining and Cary Elwes was so incredibly dashing and charming that I don’t think Robin Wright was good enough for him. It made me mourn for Andre the giant and I loved watching Fluffy mouth the words ‘Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to Die’, it made me want to mouth them as well, and I did once. The one thing that griped me was WHO THE HELL WOULD NAME SOMEONE BUTTERCUP!? I’m sorry but that it such a ridiculous name, it angered me a little.

Not much conversation was since we all were somewhat into the movie.

Our Drink of choice that night was Samuel Smith Oatmeal stout Ale. This is a 99 point beer that poured dark and looked very rich. It was smooth going down and since I got it in a bottle this time it made me wonder about how it would taste on tap, I’m guessing amazing. This beer was not very alcoholic but that wasn’t a problem considering I had work the next day. Would definitely recommend it.

To sum up the nights events, Amazing movie that even a guy would love, great tasting beer, and when it comes to dressing like a princess I just don’t even try.

Girls night in!

So this girls night we decided to watch Pretty woman, our dressing theme was high class prostitute ,our drink of choice was champagne, and we ate pasta.

There wasn’t anything new to watching pretty woman other than realizing that Richard Gere is a silver fox who can’t drive stick, Julia Roberts is all Teeth, but has the most vibrant big hair and Jason Alexander always plays assholes. It was fun watching my maid of honor get so caught up in the story and sometimes catching her mouthing the words. Some how we got to talking about Richard Gere being hotter than George Clooney, and the words “Richard Gere was the first George Clooney” somehow came out of my mouth and somehow me and the MoH started  poking each other because that would make her pee and we erupted in giggles that I blame on the champagne.

The Champagne was Wilson’s Creek Almond Champagne and it was delicious and Cheap ($10 a bottle) and gave the finest of buzzes. Despite the bubbles it went down smooth, and was so pretty in my glass flutes.

I did better this time than last; wearing a hot pink form fitted dress that falls above the knees had a sweetheart neckline with slits right above the cleavage. It was surprising comfortable, but now that I think about it I should be a bit worried that I completely failed at dressing for a tea party but tell me to be a whore and I go above and beyond. It’s kind of depressing.


I ate too much pasta completely demolishing my diet.

Bottom Line; Champagne is delicious, Dressing like a classy whore is easy, Pretty Woman is a classic romantic comedy, and I need to get back on my diet. The night a complete success.

Girls Night In!

So every other Tuesday  a couple of my friends and I have a girls night in where we get dressed up to some kind of theme then make some drinks, then sit and watch some girly movie we haven’t seen in years.

Last night was Princess Diaries deuce: Royal Beat down. Okay it wasn’t really called that but wouldn’t it be amazing if it was? Its actually called Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Last girls time we watched Princess Diaries so its only natural we watch the sequel. I really had no say in the matter as my partners in girls night were the ones to actually pick the movie but its only fair to let them have a couple before I swoop in a take over.

Our fashion theme attire was tea party, something that completely baffled me. I was told something “flowy” so that was what I wore but apparently flowy was not the word that should have described a tea party dress. A tea party attire (at least in my opinion now) is a dress made of light, pastel material usually worn with sheer stocking and a kitten heel, can be accessorized with a clutch purse and big floppy hat. Oh how I wish for a big floppy hat, I would wear it every day.

The drink of choice for that night was a Peartini (Pear Martini) since unfortunately Bevmo does not carry Peartini mixer we were forced to “wing it” or substitution was pear juice and of course vodka.

Peartini recipe:

1 part Pear Juice
1 Part Vodka

Combine Juice and Vodka in shaker along with Ice. Shake to your hearts content. Pour into Martini Glass.

That’s easy enough. it was also very delicious, the pear juice made it sweet while the vodka balances it out. This is definitely something I’ll be drinking again.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen Princess Diaries two: Royal Engagement that I was completely baffled by the fact that it starred Chris Pine. This immediately blew my mind, my mind was blown even further by the fact that Stan Lee made a cameo appearance. this lead me to believe that I was missing something somewhere, that there was a Princess Diaries comic where Mia was actually a super hero who had to take back her land from a evil super villain. I’m thinking it was probably Doctor Doom, yea definitely  Doctor Doom. He seems like he would try to take her land.

This lead us to have a discussion about whether we should cosplay at next years Wondercon, even going so far as to plan these outfits (we most likely would never wear). Seeing Stan Lee also reminded me that this weekend is Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo at convention center, I’m super excited!

Bottom line is, The dress was a failure, the drinks were a hit and the movie well let’s just say its was okay even if I don’t remember half of it.