Theory: Ceiling Trolls

Everyday I come into work I see this dark spot on the floor in the exact same spot only each time I see it, it gets darker and darker.

There is only one explanation for this, we must have a ceiling troll living in our office, what other reason would it be, because to be honest it was the only thing I can think of.

My theory is every night when the cleaning crew leave these ceiling trolls come out and play and because these ceiling trolls like living in damp and swampy ceilings when they open the cover dirty water leaks out.

In order to prove my theory correct I was thinking of installing a hidden camera to capture these trolls in action. (I also have a slight suspicion that these dirty trolls have been stealing the stationary supplies from my desk). Although I think my work has hidden cameras filming us already (that’s a theory for another day) I doubt I can get access to them.

If I do prove these trolls exist and actually do live in ceilings I can get rich and famous and never have to work in my entire life, or maybe people should just lock me up in a mental institute. Either way I wants my stationary back.




Random Scenes in Fiction: Can’t

Just something new I’m starting where I post a small and random scene from something I’ve written or am writing. This one in particular I wrote a couple of years ago. So here it goes


                She licks her lips, his eyes entranced. Her thighs rub together trying to relieve the ache of desire. He smirks, she scowls. He breaths deeply and she wonders if he can smell her arousal. He leans back in the small wooden chair, eyes transfixed on her face, but it wants to travel lower. It pains her to want him so badly and he knows it. He wants her as well. He can’t have her. His hands run through his sweaty hair, something he does when he’s thinking. She wonders if he’s thinking of her, the way she’s thinking of him.          


                She closes her eyes, trying not to think of what it would feel like to feel his hands running up her leg. He imagines his hands on her thighs going slowly to that sweet place, where he can forget his problems and get lost in her. He shakes his head and clears his throat, causing her to wake from her trance. Her eyes pop open and focuses once again on his handsome face. His dark shaggy hair, piercing blue eyes, luscious lips kissing her neck trailing down to her, She pinches herself to awaken.


                Dark green once again meets blue eyes. She bites her heart shape lips, and he thinks it’s a shame that he can’t be the one to do it. His eyes travel over her beautiful round face. Perfect lips, high cheek bones, cute button nose, Sparkling emerald eyes and long dark wavy hair. She’s almost perfect. ALMOST. They could never be together. Her, the poor girl from the other side of the tracks. Him, the star quarterback. Tragic Romance. That’s the stuff that can only happen in movies.


                Sure they could fuck. He would brag to his friends, putting another blemish on the view of others towards her. She would curse at him every time he walks by, and regret every second of their time together. They couldn’t do that. They could NEVER do that. It would have to be something more than fucking between them. So this is how it would stay. Sitting in the hallway outside the principal’s office. Him for fighting over something as stupid as the last Dr. Pepper in the vending machine, which he will get a warning and a slap on the wrist. Her for being late since she had to walk to school because her parents didn’t have enough money to send her to college and buy her, her own car. She’ll get Saturday detention, since this was the fourth time.

                 The door opens a smile on the principal’s face ushering the handsome jock in, He turns to look at her and that smile turns into a frown and a head shake. He goes back inside and closes the door. Just another day of longing for the young teens. Another day of denying Passion, need, and acceptance.