I had written a long post about my disappoint for the Stan Lee Comikaze! convention. Unfortunately my computer had decided to delete my entire post. Apparently it did not like me being negative about The Man Stan so I decided to just make this semi short and not at all sweet.

Disappoint one: No direction. When we got to the convention center at 9:40am we could not figure out what line to stand in and where the line even ended, and staff didn’t seem to be anywhere around. It was hot and my fiance started to get cranky. Also people were so confused that a second line formed that had to be merged with the first line. which made people even more cranky, this made me a bit happy as I was not alone in my crankiness.

Disappoint two: horribly long lines that did not move. We waited in line for almost two hours, when we got to the end we got some paper wrist band that was just disappointing, we also had weekend passes, so we were just suppose to wear the wrist band all weekend or did we have to reprint our tickets and wait in another line for another two hours on Sunday? (we didn’t go sunday so I didn’t get to find out)

Now due to disappoint one and two, I was left in a bad mood as I was hot and tired, I went to get a bottle of water. These lines were just as bad as the ticket line! Giving up we decided to wander the floor. The floor was a pretty decent size and since everyone was still waiting in line somewhere it wasn’t so bad until I noticed the prices, now I know this is not Comikaze or Stan Lee’s fault for prices of the items people sell but it seems like since March most items had doubled. In my complete and utter disappointment I forgot to the take pictures (My fault) and we ended up leaving sooner than expected, as all the panels that I wanted to get into were completely filled to standing room only.

Maybe next year they will be much more organized and committed to letting people have a good time, and hey from some of the reviews I’ve read a couple of people have, probably not the ones I saw that were red faced, scowling and sweating bullets.

Let’s hope Long Beach comic-con is better.