I’m Here, Just Got a Bit Lost on the Road to Life

So, I’m still here just horribly busy with my wedding that’s coming up in about a month.

I can see the appeal of why people elope. Last month I was seriously considering just cancelling the wedding and going to Vegas. Actually pretty much still considering it, if only the deposits I made were refundable then I probably would hesitate and 2 plane tickets to vegas would be books in about an hour, $2,000 is alot of just waste away.

I feel like someone should have warned me about the politics of getting married. Everything was fine until I mailed the invitations out, now all of a sudden I feel the stress of dealing with people. As you’ve read before on my blog, I am not a people person, so this has so far been the worse part of planning this wedding. I shaw list all the problems I have been having with this wedding. Lists are comforting, lists make me feel in control. Lists are good.

1. RSVPs. My RSVP date was August 3rd. Todays date is August 7th. 1/3 of my guest list still haven’t RSVP’d. That means I have to contact each person, ask if they recieved the invite (which all of them replied that yes they have). I then have to remind them to please send their RSVP, which they reply ‘Can’t you just mark I’m coming’. I then sigh and just reply that in order to keep my records exact to please mail the RSVP. People don’t understand that I have LOTS of stuff I’m doing and planning and this is just tedious. It’s plain rude to not send the RSVP card in, its rude to argue with the person asking you to send the RSVP card. Apparently most of my guests are rude people. Another fact, if I mark a person down as they are coming and they don’t show up thats $35 down the drain. This way I have the RSVP card as proof (a contract of sorts) that you said you were coming to my wedding, and I didn’t just put you down because I really hoped you would come.

2. Seating arrangements. I know some people don’t get along, and some people really want to sit next to certain people, but when you have 100 trying to accomidate everyone is just a pain. Something I don’t want to deal with and I havent be able to really figure out, but I’m still working on it.

3. Peoples attitudes. Yes I know some people are unhappy with certain things, like the face that I stated no kids for the wedding, or the fact that the ceremony and the reception are on two different days. Some people are even giving me attitude about the fact the reception is on a friday. I don’t try to argue, I just ignore it, if these things bother you then just don’t come. I’m not forcing you to come to my wedding, this is MY and my FIANCE wedding. WE are the ones paying for it.

So I can’t wait for the date! Despite these three things I am going to enjoy my wedding and have fun and rejoice in the fact that I am marrying my dream man.


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