Wondercon 2013


Wondercon 2013 came and passed this last weekend, leaving me with tons of artwork, no frames, and a decrease in nerd energy. Now I’m faced with the real world and I hate it. This year it was once again held in Anaheim Convention Center giving us Southern Californians a chance to rejoice.

Teeny Iron Man

Starting my Wondercon adventure on Friday I visited my most anticipated panel; The psychology of Star Trek Vs. Star Wars. This panel was amazing with Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Hugh Sterbakov for Star Wars



and Dr. Ali Matu and Larry ‘Dr. Trek’ Nemecek.


The referee was Brian Ward who did a pretty good job trying to stay unbiased. It was pretty obvious, to me, who won this debate, but I won’t name any names.


I spent the rest of the day exploring the floor and even getting a caricature done of myself that displayed my awkward smile. This year they had food trucks parked outside (woot!) which I got a amazing pulled pork Sammy that was pretty much mouthwateringly good.


The cosplay this year was a bit upsetting, a majority of it being Dr. Who, Harley Quinn and steampunk. There were a couple of costumes that were amazing but unfortunately I was unable to take as many photographs as I wanted (Hey there’s always next year crosses fingers for Wondercon Anaheim 2014).
I promise next year I will dress up as some obscure Character no one knows.






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