A Day to Remember

In Honor of A Day to Remember, who by the way I saw in San Diego at the Soma over the weekend.

They were awesome.

This is most of my Favorite songs by them

All I Want

A AMAZING video, My favorite actually. Everytime I watch it I see how many bands/people I can try to name

Downfall of us all

This song was even 10x better live (just so you know)

All Signs Point to Lauderdale

This song is somewhat personal to me. Reminds me of middle school and high school when I was just a angry kid who wore baggy jeans and hooded sweat shirts

Have Faith in me

Every time I’ve gone to see them live they have played this song and each time the memory hits me I can just smile.

You had me at Hello

This will more than likely be our first dance at our wedding, so you know how much this song will mean to me


Wondercon 2013


Wondercon 2013 came and passed this last weekend, leaving me with tons of artwork, no frames, and a decrease in nerd energy. Now I’m faced with the real world and I hate it. This year it was once again held in Anaheim Convention Center giving us Southern Californians a chance to rejoice.

Teeny Iron Man

Starting my Wondercon adventure on Friday I visited my most anticipated panel; The psychology of Star Trek Vs. Star Wars. This panel was amazing with Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Hugh Sterbakov for Star Wars



and Dr. Ali Matu and Larry ‘Dr. Trek’ Nemecek.


The referee was Brian Ward who did a pretty good job trying to stay unbiased. It was pretty obvious, to me, who won this debate, but I won’t name any names.


I spent the rest of the day exploring the floor and even getting a caricature done of myself that displayed my awkward smile. This year they had food trucks parked outside (woot!) which I got a amazing pulled pork Sammy that was pretty much mouthwateringly good.


The cosplay this year was a bit upsetting, a majority of it being Dr. Who, Harley Quinn and steampunk. There were a couple of costumes that were amazing but unfortunately I was unable to take as many photographs as I wanted (Hey there’s always next year crosses fingers for Wondercon Anaheim 2014).
I promise next year I will dress up as some obscure Character no one knows.





You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

This morning I am going to address something that has been bothering me for a long time.

My fiance’s best friend is a woman. This woman is my Maid of Honor. I get along with her very well, but to me she will always be my fiance’s best friend, this does not bother me. My fiance and her make plans and go out for dinner just the two of them, this does not bother me. She and my Fiance have a weekly T.V night that they spend hours in front of the T.V. watching a particular show that they both have been wanting to see (some I have interest in, some I don’t), they have been doing this for about 2 years or so, this does not bother me.

What bothers me is the stupid questions and replies that people tell me when I tell them that my fiance’s best friend is a woman. It’s almost always the same thing, I’ve pretty much memorized it by now.

This is how it goes after I tell someone that my Maid of Honor is my fiance’s best friend. (this has been coming up more and more due to my impending nuptials)

“And you let him get away with it? Your just comfortable with it? What if something happens between them? You trust them? Aren’t you jealous? If he was my guy I would not be okay with that.”

First off that first question: ‘And you let him get away with it?’ he’s a grown ass man, I am not his mother. If he wants to do something than he’s going to do it regardless of me. He does take in account of my feelings when he does something (just like I do about him) but ultimately hes going to do what hes going to do.

Second question: ‘Your just comfortable with it?’ Yea I am and what?

The third and fourth questions always come together; ‘What if something happens between them? You trust them?’ If something were to happen between them then I hope (if they actually do care about me) they would tell me, and of course I would be angry and sad and everything that comes with along with being betrayed. They have never given me a reason not to trust them I’ve been with my fiance for almost ten years, and I’ve known my Maid of Honor for about 6 years, so I trust them alot.

Fifth question; ‘Aren’t you jealous’ No I’m not. There has never been a time where I looked at them and thought ‘bitch better back off my man!’ I’ve said the line in jest but never out of emotion.
I can tell you the exact reason when I’ve been jealous of them and I will list them although it is not the type of jealousy most people expect

-I am jealous of the fact they can eat solid food (they went to Dennys last night, and I’m on a juice diet and I’m so hungry)
-I am jealous of the fact that they can find the most stupidist stuff funny (because to be honest most of the stuff is stupid.)
-I am jealous of the fact that she can laugh at his puns (actually no I’m not)

That’s really it

‘If he was my man I would not be okay with it’ okay I didn’t ask for your opinion, and I really don’t need a lecture about something that isn’t any of your business. Lastly he’s not your man he’s mine.

Back the Fuck off Bitches!

Why am I let out of my cage?

So this morning I had a converstation with someone I used to know in high school turns out hes a security guard for the building I work at, and he recognized me. I thought that with the surprisingly amount of great conversations I’ve had recently I was cured of my foot in mouth disease turns out I was wrong.

Security Guard: Hey, I think I know you.
TroubledFred: Ok…
Security Guard: Yea I think we used to go to ‘blah, blah’ high school together.
TroubledFred: (realized he was right) Oh yea! We had Drama together. You asked me out once for Homecoming, but I said no because I really did not want to go with you.
*ensure awkward silence*
TroubledFred: So…It was nice seeing you again.
Security Guard: Yea, I guess.

I did not mean for it to come out like that. High school was like 8 years ago, but apparently bringing up the fact that you turned someone down (no matter how long ago it was) is a no no for conversations. Now I know and knowing is half the battle (GI Joe!)

Just a little something I wanted to post, I will be writing about Wondercon 2013 later. Plus a little bit about the wedding that I can’t seem to plan correctly.