Great Realizations and Turning 26

Last Thursday I turned twenty six and I’m now officially on the ‘wrong side of twenty five’, because of this I have seemed to have been tormented by realizations.

–          I’m getting married in six months

–          I want to go back to school soon

–          I may or may not be a shopaholic

–          On day I think I may actually want to have kids, whether or not it’s adoption or actually birthing one(shudder) is up in the air.

–          I truly am a responsible adult.

 This was just the icing on the cake. All these realization seemed to hit me in a span of about twenty seconds while I was online looking at shoes. It left me feeling disoriented and confused.

I know this does not seem like huge eye awakening epiphany, but when it hits you all at once it somewhat stupefies you. It seems that since then I’ve just been having realizations left and right.

Am I having a mid-Mid life crisis? I’m most likely just making mountains out of mole hills.

On a good note it seems as if my social life has been looking up. People are actually asking to be seen with me in public. This is making me entirely too happy, that despite my rambling mouth, wayward attention and insensitivity people still like me. They really like me. 


Yes, I am alive

So just a quick update that yes I am alive, just have been busy or in pain or some other excuse I don’t feel like thinking of right now.

I will be posting soon with a update about my current projects and life, like the fact that I just turned twenty six, some startling (at least for me) realizations and upcoming events.

So stay tuned and don’t touch that dial (does anyone even get that reference?)

You better get out of my mouth before you start talking to me!

So last thursday I went to the dentist, and despite the fact that I havent been to the dentist in about a decade it wasnt so bad. a couple cleanings and 2 fillings was all this lady needed (Thank you Sweet Apple Pie in the Sky).

The dentist was recommended to me by a friend and I thought ‘What the hell I got insurance now I should probably use it’. The dentist office was actually very nice and was very thorough. They believe in a overall health practice where your teeth attributes to other health problems. Everything went great but…

There was just one problem.

Now I know I don’t usually come off as ‘friendly’ or ‘nice’ when people first meet me, so it’s refreshing when people talk to you and seem genuinely interested in things you have to say, but do you really have to do it when I have my mouth wide open? I can’t really respond when I have to hold still for x-rays. I can’t tell you about my day when your measuring my gums and I have to keep still. You should’nt ask questions about my wedding when your knuckle deep in my mouth.

Is it just me who has a problem with this?

I don’t mind you talking to me, but when I can’t answer those questions because the body part I use to answer those questions is occupied does that make me look rude?

I have enough problems with that, thank you very much.

Music Monday: Three Cheers for Five Years by Mayday Parade

Okay so I decided to do a music challenge, well I’ve actually decided to do every music challenge I can find. So I’m just going to lump them together and do them because I love music and want to share.

Day 1: Your Favorite Song.

Three Cheers for Five Years (acoustic) By Mayday Parade

This song is not my absolute favorite song, because I don’t really have one.

I love pretty much every genre of music I’ve listened to so trying to find one song was just very hard, but I did.

The reason I picked this song is because no matter how many times I hear it, I will ALWAYS listen to it, it can come on the radio/ipod/youtube pretty much everything ten times and I will listen to it each and every time. (I will probably sing along each time as well.)