Girls Night in!

So the first girls night of the new year and boy did we decide to start with a bang! (not really but that’s how I’m telling it.) We watched one of the most amazing romantic comedy movies EVER and kept to our resolution of losing weight by eating baked salmon, tomatoes and soy beans. (so good) Sadly no alcohol was consumed on this night.

In case you don’t have the faintest idea what the most amazing romantic comedy movie is, I will tell you. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY!



This is one of my favorite movies, If we had time and I was asked to watch it again on the same day a minute after we started watching it I would have said “Load it up!” Most of the discussion was focused on Meg Ryan and how cute she was but how horrid her clothing was in this movie. Harry was right she really needed to wear more Skirts. We were also pleasantly surprised at how adorable Billy Crystal looked. We watched all the classic scenes with relish and laughed at all the real couples who explained how they met. (Awwww…) This movie has it all even stuff I believe men would enjoy, it stimulates conversation and laughs, and would make a great movie for those date nights you just want to snuggle (Shut up you do like snuggling) together on the couch. 

The baked Salmon I made was actually quite good (surprisingly so) and I enjoyed every minute of chowing down, wishing I could have seconds by not letting myself. 

No theme for this one folks seems like the holidays have pretty much drained my wardrobe of anything, but atlas our usually routine of dressing up and NOT going out will happen again.

Overall The movie and food was amazing, the alcohol was missed but not needed and the clothing will be back next month. 


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