Diet Day 1

So for one of my New Year’s Resolutions was that I was going to lose weight in order to do this I constructed at diet plan. For the first three days of my diet I can only eat/drink juice that I have juiced myself. So far day one is a success although I am very hungry, my mind is a little muddled and my eyelids feel like lead. I predict that today is and will be the hardest day to get over, once I past today I think the next two days should be easier (not easy, easier).

I must admit I am craving every solid food I set my eyes on. I saw a tomato and thought ‘Oh god I really should eat that tomato’ I saw a box of crackers and thought ‘Those crackers would be so good’. I saw Tesla eating her dog food and wondered if I would enjoy it.

Doing this will be hard but I am doing it to myself and it will get easier as I go along.


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