It’s a new year and I’m still alive!

So I am still here and no I have not forgotten about you. The holidays just get busy for me as I spend all my time worrying about things to buy people then get disappointed when I receive my gift and notice that this person could give two shits about me, but hey its the lack of thought that counts.

Okay I will not complain about the holidays, no I refuse. It is a new year a time of change and what not.)

So if you guys didn’t know I am getting married, and I finally have decided to put effort into planning my wedding (I’ve been engaged since August). I think I’ve realized that it won’t plan itself and If I want to have a kick ass reception then I should actually start putting thought into this. So my wedding has become my top priority (not including basic living and health I really can’t stop that.) I think I’m getting a bit excited about it too.

The other thing I’m really excited about is I finally get to start using my new 2013 planner. I know I’m a loser when new stationary gets me to do a happy dance, but none the less it does.

So I guess this is the point of my new year post when I write my New Year’s Resolutions because yes I am just like those people and yes I do at least try to keep them. Most of them are the usually but I hope at least a few are a bit unique.

1.) This one of course is at the top of everyone’s list Lose Weight and I am not going on one of those stupid fad diets, I am actually going to create one myself so far I have the first month planned and I will start planning next month as well and hey if it works maybe I’ll share my secret. I hope by doing this I’ll lose 20-30 pounds hopefully by my wedding date!

2.) This one I do every year and I get slightly better at it but not enough to completely satisfy me. Think before speaking. I’m getting a bit better at first impressions but I slip up every once in a while (‘I just licked my fingers’ I tell someone as I am shaking their hands’).

3.) This one is on a lot of people list and I for one am happy if people actually did this Read more.

4.)Write more I really need to do this more, like a lot more! I need to write more on my blogs, for THE PROJECT, and just personal because this is what keeps me sane.

I know there are more but to be honest I really can’t think of them.

So Happy belate holidays and I hope 2013 becomes the year that everyone wants it to be!



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