Ravings and Thoughts of a Mad Woman

Thoughout each and everyday I find myself surprised at the things I do and say so much so that yesterday I actually tried to write each and everything down.

of course I couldn’t actually write everything down because there are so many thoughts that ram themselves through my head that I forget one as the other one comes through, so I decided to write the ones down that a impression and get me to stop and think of why I even thought this in the first place.

So I present to you; Ravings and Thoughts of a Mad Woman.

So what if Bugs Bunny is a bisexual Transvestite. He still made me laugh as a child.

Is Elmer Fudd secretly gay, or would he be into beastiality since Bugs bunny is an animal? Is he a gay beastialitist?

Is Beastialitist a word? I should make it one. *googled word* hmm… not a word.

I declare Beastialititst a word *got distracted by patient*

While trying to be nice to a patient who had a child in her arms (I tried not to cringe as children scare me.) I smiled towards her and said the following.
“Oh look at her, so sweet and cute. I could just make a stew out of her with onions, carrots and various spices and gobble it all up!” The mother just looked at me and hugged her child tighter.

I hate the Road Runner, That Smug Bitch.

I should go into cohoots with Wylie Coyote. we could kill her and eat her in stew.

Could I survive and anvil falling on my head? Probably not.

Maybe I’ll stay out of the way. Let them two continue to battle it out.

I was distracted while saying good bye to a patient and said the following “Happy Merry Holiday Christmas Year.”

A Woodchuck could chuck 248 wood.

I told my coworker I don’t understand how he could get so many women to like him, and asked how stupid they were. It wasn’t until he walked away when shaking his head that I realized I said it outloud and not in my head.

Dear sir, I don’t actually wish you a happy holidays in fact I hope you get coal and SOD OFF!

I like Peas and Mashed potatoes.


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