Confessions: #1

I am deathly afraid of squirrels. So much so that one ran over my toe once and I had a panic attack.


Music Mondays: Thriftshop by: MackleMore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz

When I first heard this I was like What the hell is this!? then I was like this is FUCKING AWESOME

Finally a song that speaks to me. Growing up with Hip Hop and Rap that bragged about ‘Gator Boots and Pimped out Gucci suits’ while I shopped at thrift stores and wore hand me downs, maybe this song will open peoples eyes about it being okay wearing something that might not be considered ‘Trendy’ or ‘cool’.

Either way this song is excellent. Thlyrics and Macklemore’s style of rapping makes this a delightful song to listen to.



Ravings and Thoughts of a Mad Woman

Thoughout each and everyday I find myself surprised at the things I do and say so much so that yesterday I actually tried to write each and everything down.

of course I couldn’t actually write everything down because there are so many thoughts that ram themselves through my head that I forget one as the other one comes through, so I decided to write the ones down that a impression and get me to stop and think of why I even thought this in the first place.

So I present to you; Ravings and Thoughts of a Mad Woman.

So what if Bugs Bunny is a bisexual Transvestite. He still made me laugh as a child.

Is Elmer Fudd secretly gay, or would he be into beastiality since Bugs bunny is an animal? Is he a gay beastialitist?

Is Beastialitist a word? I should make it one. *googled word* hmm… not a word.

I declare Beastialititst a word *got distracted by patient*

While trying to be nice to a patient who had a child in her arms (I tried not to cringe as children scare me.) I smiled towards her and said the following.
“Oh look at her, so sweet and cute. I could just make a stew out of her with onions, carrots and various spices and gobble it all up!” The mother just looked at me and hugged her child tighter.

I hate the Road Runner, That Smug Bitch.

I should go into cohoots with Wylie Coyote. we could kill her and eat her in stew.

Could I survive and anvil falling on my head? Probably not.

Maybe I’ll stay out of the way. Let them two continue to battle it out.

I was distracted while saying good bye to a patient and said the following “Happy Merry Holiday Christmas Year.”

A Woodchuck could chuck 248 wood.

I told my coworker I don’t understand how he could get so many women to like him, and asked how stupid they were. It wasn’t until he walked away when shaking his head that I realized I said it outloud and not in my head.

Dear sir, I don’t actually wish you a happy holidays in fact I hope you get coal and SOD OFF!

I like Peas and Mashed potatoes.