Girls Night in!

It’s that time again, Tuesday!

Girls night in and we have a very special one… THE PROM EDITION!

We watched one of our my favorite movies. Romy and Michele”s High school reunion.

I decided to wear a very special dress (on sale at Ross) So special in fact that I have decided to post a picture.


The Movie was entirely entertaining and I loved it. Apparently I am Michele and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We also came to the conclusion that Vincent Ventresca who plays Billy in the movie is a butherface, (or should it be buthisface?) I find Alan Cummings slightly attractive and 90’s hair, make up and clothing was hilarious.

There was quite a bit of conversation going on as we watched the movie, but it was all mundane and to be honest I don’t remember much of it. Most of it I think was just comparing each other to the characters in the movie, singing the wonderful soundtrack with the move and me yelling at my fiance for not taking me high school prom.

Our drink was Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. It was okay but very much reminded me of fun times.

We ate pizza as our prom food and I had WAY too many slices of it.

Overall Tonight was fun and much needed. I really can’t wait for the next girls night and so as I am so tired I shall leave you with a lovely picture of ArtsCollide and myself


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