Music Mondays: Patience by Guns n’ Roses

To be quite honest I had wanted to start this a while ago I just never had the right song to start.

I said screw it I’ll find something to post it really shouldn’t be that hard.

I just couldn’t find the perfect song. Should it be something that goes with my mood? Something classical? Popular?

I just didn’t know what to do or what song to use, and I had continued with no idea until today when it just hit me!

Patience by: Guns n’ Roses

And to be honest I have no idea why it’s so perfect but it is.

The opening whistling is something I can listen to all day. With the acoustic guitars (I scream in glee over this) and Axl’s surprisingly soulful voice I can easily get lost in the song. Off of the band’s album G N’ R Lies I suggest that everyone take a listen and appreciate the power ballad for what it is…



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