A most un- happy halloween

I thought I was ready for Halloween.

I bought decorations, filled a giant bowl with candy, dressed up in a costume. Hell I even got Tesla and Mordechai to dress up as well. Turns out I wasn’t prepared for no one showing up.

I waited all night the anticipation of hearing “Trick or Treat” fading as disappointment slowly crept into my veins. My spirit all but dead when at 9:30 pm I started at my untouched bowl almost overfilling with candy.

I got the good candy too! Snickers, Kit Kat Reeses, and M&M’s to boot!

Tears prickled my eyes a bit as I realized no one came. I was all ready to dole out the , what I thought would be, false compliments of “Oh how scary you look”, “Aren’t you the most beautiful princess I have ever seen” and “I’ve never seen a better costume”.

The disappointed rolled until today when I hear my coworkers and their stories of the different kids that came to their house and how mine stayed quiet as I watched  Elementary. My fiance cuddling with me off the couch as he felt the disappointment rolling off me in waves.


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