Girls Night in!

It’s that time again, Tuesday!

Girls night in and this time we watched Princess Bride.

The theme was suppose to be princess but as I was exhausted I settled for a flowy (is that a word) purple shirt.

The Movie was as you all know very entertaining and Cary Elwes was so incredibly dashing and charming that I don’t think Robin Wright was good enough for him. It made me mourn for Andre the giant and I loved watching Fluffy mouth the words ‘Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to Die’, it made me want to mouth them as well, and I did once. The one thing that griped me was WHO THE HELL WOULD NAME SOMEONE BUTTERCUP!? I’m sorry but that it such a ridiculous name, it angered me a little.

Not much conversation was since we all were somewhat into the movie.

Our Drink of choice that night was Samuel Smith Oatmeal stout Ale. This is a 99 point beer that poured dark and looked very rich. It was smooth going down and since I got it in a bottle this time it made me wonder about how it would taste on tap, I’m guessing amazing. This beer was not very alcoholic but that wasn’t a problem considering I had work the next day. Would definitely recommend it.

To sum up the nights events, Amazing movie that even a guy would love, great tasting beer, and when it comes to dressing like a princess I just don’t even try.


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