So sometimes I snap…

So originally I was going to write a post about me moving, since I am you know….Moving, but then I went to work and got stressed and tense and worked overtime.

So I got off of work, the light is out on a particular busy light, when this happens usually people stop (Because that’s the rules of the road) no one did at this light apparently I pissed off the guy behind me by being overcautious so he decided to speed around me and then cutting in front of me by almost hitting my car and causing me to slam on my brakes. I’m talking about screeching tires, the smell of burn rubber and scorch marks on the road, slam on my brakes. The guy barely noticed. Turns out he was heading in my exact direction and we ended up stopping side by side at a red light.

Now I have been driving behind him for a couple of minutes stewing in my anger. As soon as I stopped next to him I calmly (and I mean so calm I didn’t slam the door nor did I run towards him) got out of my car walked to his car tapped on the side of the door to get his attention. I then proceeded to calmly (no yelling, although I spoke slightly faster than normal) tell him that he almost hit my car, and most likely would have totaled it. I then told him that one day he is going to kill someone and I truly feel sorry for that person whose life will end because of this guys stupidity. I also told him that if he said one word to me I was going to break his fucking Jaw (well at least I didn’t yell it). Then while I walked back to my car I couldn’t help my one last parting shot. I yelled that his hair was freaking ridiculous.

In my defense it was bleached white long curly hair, which looked ridiculous with his orange tan.

So sometimes I snap and I can’t help it, but most of the time I think I’m a pretty calm person.


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