I’m a manly man!

Not a girly girl.

Most people who know me know I don’t usually do physical labor, I hate it actually, I would rather dictate than move things, this weekend I was not spared.

We are not completely done moving everything and since we moved from a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house to a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house a lot of our things had to be moved into storage and since it was just my fiance and I it was very tedious.

But I never felt more manly in my life. I was sweating bullets, moving heavy things with my arms (which have no muscle in them at all not to mention a negative on upper body strength.) We talked about the Baseball, I even drove a Truck! All in all I’ve felt so very manly.

Now though my body is regretting every movement and I just really want a hot bubble bath.

Mr. Bubbles is my dream man!


It’s simple really

So I finally get time to update, after all the moving and working and just being tired, I’m able to relax.

Our new house is somewhat settled and were still learning how things are going to work but so far so good

It was because of this that I came to a sudden epiphany.

I hate hiccups.

I get them often and I hate it.

I feel as if I’m not breathing enough. As If I’m about to develop a sudden migraine but refuses to come to surface. As If I am terribly full yet starving.

I abhor hiccups.

Moving has brought this to my attention, I don’t know why, how or where but it has.

I will give a more suitable update later.

I just wanted people to know that I am alive, and apparently hating hiccups.

Girls Night in!

It’s that time again, Tuesday!

Girls night in and this time we watched Princess Bride.

The theme was suppose to be princess but as I was exhausted I settled for a flowy (is that a word) purple shirt.

The Movie was as you all know very entertaining and Cary Elwes was so incredibly dashing and charming that I don’t think Robin Wright was good enough for him. It made me mourn for Andre the giant and I loved watching Fluffy mouth the words ‘Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to Die’, it made me want to mouth them as well, and I did once. The one thing that griped me was WHO THE HELL WOULD NAME SOMEONE BUTTERCUP!? I’m sorry but that it such a ridiculous name, it angered me a little.

Not much conversation was since we all were somewhat into the movie.

Our Drink of choice that night was Samuel Smith Oatmeal stout Ale. This is a 99 point beer that poured dark and looked very rich. It was smooth going down and since I got it in a bottle this time it made me wonder about how it would taste on tap, I’m guessing amazing. This beer was not very alcoholic but that wasn’t a problem considering I had work the next day. Would definitely recommend it.

To sum up the nights events, Amazing movie that even a guy would love, great tasting beer, and when it comes to dressing like a princess I just don’t even try.

Girls don’t have bowel movements

It’s true we don’t have bowel movements because we are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. (I’m thinking allspice).

We also don’t fart, sweat or swear.

We all wear a size 6 shoe, a size 4 dress and think every joke you tell is hilarious.

We do not use sarcasm.

We are all waiting to have sex till were married and love to cook and clean.

Girls dream of being barefoot and pregnant  in the kitchen waiting for you to come home to taste the cooking we’ve been slaving over all day.

We love to wash your dirty underwear, and pick up after you.

We always wear sexy lingerie, we don’t even know what the term “granny panties” mean.

We also never lie.

So sometimes I snap…

So originally I was going to write a post about me moving, since I am you know….Moving, but then I went to work and got stressed and tense and worked overtime.

So I got off of work, the light is out on a particular busy light, when this happens usually people stop (Because that’s the rules of the road) no one did at this light apparently I pissed off the guy behind me by being overcautious so he decided to speed around me and then cutting in front of me by almost hitting my car and causing me to slam on my brakes. I’m talking about screeching tires, the smell of burn rubber and scorch marks on the road, slam on my brakes. The guy barely noticed. Turns out he was heading in my exact direction and we ended up stopping side by side at a red light.

Now I have been driving behind him for a couple of minutes stewing in my anger. As soon as I stopped next to him I calmly (and I mean so calm I didn’t slam the door nor did I run towards him) got out of my car walked to his car tapped on the side of the door to get his attention. I then proceeded to calmly (no yelling, although I spoke slightly faster than normal) tell him that he almost hit my car, and most likely would have totaled it. I then told him that one day he is going to kill someone and I truly feel sorry for that person whose life will end because of this guys stupidity. I also told him that if he said one word to me I was going to break his fucking Jaw (well at least I didn’t yell it). Then while I walked back to my car I couldn’t help my one last parting shot. I yelled that his hair was freaking ridiculous.

In my defense it was bleached white long curly hair, which looked ridiculous with his orange tan.

So sometimes I snap and I can’t help it, but most of the time I think I’m a pretty calm person.