Girls night in!

So this girls night we decided to watch Pretty woman, our dressing theme was high class prostitute ,our drink of choice was champagne, and we ate pasta.

There wasn’t anything new to watching pretty woman other than realizing that Richard Gere is a silver fox who can’t drive stick, Julia Roberts is all Teeth, but has the most vibrant big hair and Jason Alexander always plays assholes. It was fun watching my maid of honor get so caught up in the story and sometimes catching her mouthing the words. Some how we got to talking about Richard Gere being hotter than George Clooney, and the words “Richard Gere was the first George Clooney” somehow came out of my mouth and somehow me and the MoH started  poking each other because that would make her pee and we erupted in giggles that I blame on the champagne.

The Champagne was Wilson’s Creek Almond Champagne and it was delicious and Cheap ($10 a bottle) and gave the finest of buzzes. Despite the bubbles it went down smooth, and was so pretty in my glass flutes.

I did better this time than last; wearing a hot pink form fitted dress that falls above the knees had a sweetheart neckline with slits right above the cleavage. It was surprising comfortable, but now that I think about it I should be a bit worried that I completely failed at dressing for a tea party but tell me to be a whore and I go above and beyond. It’s kind of depressing.


I ate too much pasta completely demolishing my diet.

Bottom Line; Champagne is delicious, Dressing like a classy whore is easy, Pretty Woman is a classic romantic comedy, and I need to get back on my diet. The night a complete success.


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