Oh how we humans are.

Yesterday when I was walking Tesla I notice a mother walking with her kids. One of her kids, a boy, was walking ahead of her and ended up walking into the street just as a car was coming by. I heard her scream and watched as she barely pulled the child out of the way. This happened in only a couple of seconds.

I thought the mother would be relieved, but I watched fascinated as she berated the child that ran in the street, yelled at him to the point where he was in tears and clearly traumatized. I didn’t say anything just watched, I understood her anger, and more importantly I understood her fear. I knew she was yelling only cause she was terrified, and most likely not angry at the kid, but at herself. She dragged the kid away and by that time Tesla was eager to move, but this got me thinking. Why do we when were scared or angry do we take it out in this way?

I don’t really feel like breaking out my psych 101 textbook, and I didn’t really want to over analyzed , but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My mind wandered towards the mother’s reaction and not emotionally, but physically too. Did she sweat, was her heart pounding, hands trembling? Was she mad at herself or the child, and what about that child? Does he know how close he was to death? He would have died, judging by how small he was and how fast that car was moving he most certainly would have. Then I remembered someone else, his little sister who was holding the hand of the mother, did she understand anything? Did that driver even notice? He didn’t slow down, probably didn’t even look back.

Then I started to imagine myself in that situation. How would I have reacted, would have I even been able to save him? I shake my head at this, so many questions that I’ll never get the answer to, and all of this by just walking the dog.


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