Introducing Mordechai!


Yup that’s right, I named my cat Mordechai, Why? Why not?

He’s a long dark haired Tabby that’s a bit of a scary cat when confronted with something he doesn’t know. His favorite things to do are sneaking outside, scratch his post and sleep on my laptop so I can’t use it.

He gets a bit annoyed by his little (but bigger in size) sister Tesla. I got him at 10 weeks old and he looked like a little wolf when surrounded but his siblings that consisted of  white grey and Siamese cats. He was also that only one that didn’t meow. Of course he ended up learning how to meow at first sounding like a beat up squeak toy.

He likes to sleep between my fiance and I in bed taking up as much space as his little 11 pound body can, and when he stands on you it feels like he knows every pressure point in your body that can inflict pain. Mordechai loves treats and stealing fish off my dinner plate when I’m not looking. He’ll eat my hair ties causing a humiliating moment when I see them hanging out of certain body parts and have to take it out of him.

He sleeps in a dog bed and tries to steal his little sisters bully and bones, but I love the guy and I can’t picture life without him


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