TroubledFred, Please insert foot in mouth, Thanks

I know I should really think about the things that come out of my mouth before I say them, and I have actually been trying really hard to become somewhat of a nicer, more stable person.

Unfortunately this was not one of those times.

It started out nice enough and I was actually proud to hold a conversation with some unknown person, since I don’t do it often, but then of course one sentence rolled out of my mouth and poof awkward moment that I fled from. This conversation took place at Comikaze! this saturday, and I knew the guy was trying to sell me his comic, but my friend and I are really trying to build different contacts and network.

Here’s the conversation

Nice Man: Hey so do you like comics?

Me: Yea, I love comics I read them all the time.

Nice Man: really? so what kind of comics do you read?

Me: Everything.

Nice man: that’s great, I actually am an artist for this comic right here *shows me comic, artwork is actually very good*

Me:This is awesome, I wish I had the talent to draw, if anything I would do the writing.

Nice man: you write, that’s great what have you written?

Me: well I haven’t written lately since I work a lot, you know since I have a real job.

Realizing what I said I turned to my Fiance to try and help me out only to discover that him just shaking his head at me. Looking at the guy and awkward silence ensued, that followed with me saying a quick goodbye and leaving.

Leaving with just one last regret, I should have at least bought his comic.


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