So today while at work (yuck), something triggered a thought in my brain about unexpected moments that have happened in my life and one really stood out.

Last year while walking down the street to the Walgreen we saw what we thought was a homeless man. he was dressed in very ragged dirty clothes, had a bike filled with junk and surprisingly bright yellow and orange flowers. Normal responses upon seeing a homeless individual is keep as much distance as they can away from those individuals, also given my past experiences with homeless people I didn’t want to go away near this gentlemen.

The man ended up going inside of Walgreen with us, he didn’t say anything to us but greeted the cashier as if he saw them everyday. My friend and I grabbed our munchies then made our way to the cashier to pay. The guy was at the cashier he was very courteous buying his drink making small talk, he was counting change in order to buy his soda. In front of us were two teenage girls who were talking about the man, none of it good. The man was obviously listening because he started counting faster and a slight bit louder, once he was done he immediately walked out of  the store. The girls still laughing paid for their items lingering a bit looking at the items around the cash register. We ended up leaving a little after them.

The Man was waiting outside. He shyly walked up to the girls offering them a flower for making them wait so long. He did not do it in a way where would think he was being perverted. It seemed like he was genuinely sorry about holding up the line. The Girls seeing this gesture took the flower then in front of the man threw it in the trash while walking away laughing. The man shook it off as if this happens all the time, and went to the trash to retrieve the flower, I was a appalled at this behavior from the girls, they could have easily just said no. Walking up the man I politely smiled and took the flower from his hands stating that we could not let such a pretty flower go to waste. He immediately offered to give me a fresher flower, but I refused this was the flower I wanted.

Turns out this man was homeless, but was currently devoting his time to a local church and studying the bible. I offered him some cash but he turned it down stating he was a prideful man and unfortunately it lead him to where he was now and that he was the one who got himself into it and with all his might he will get himself out.


This is the flower I got from him. Beautiful, Bright, and slightly less than perfect. Like me


2 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Wow, this is seriously such a heartbreaking story that it tugged at my heart, this poor man and the teenage girls tormenting him is just terrible. And the flower is very pretty, and vibrant!

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