Random Scenes in Fiction: Can’t

Just something new I’m starting where I post a small and random scene from something I’ve written or am writing. This one in particular I wrote a couple of years ago. So here it goes


                She licks her lips, his eyes entranced. Her thighs rub together trying to relieve the ache of desire. He smirks, she scowls. He breaths deeply and she wonders if he can smell her arousal. He leans back in the small wooden chair, eyes transfixed on her face, but it wants to travel lower. It pains her to want him so badly and he knows it. He wants her as well. He can’t have her. His hands run through his sweaty hair, something he does when he’s thinking. She wonders if he’s thinking of her, the way she’s thinking of him.          


                She closes her eyes, trying not to think of what it would feel like to feel his hands running up her leg. He imagines his hands on her thighs going slowly to that sweet place, where he can forget his problems and get lost in her. He shakes his head and clears his throat, causing her to wake from her trance. Her eyes pop open and focuses once again on his handsome face. His dark shaggy hair, piercing blue eyes, luscious lips kissing her neck trailing down to her, She pinches herself to awaken.


                Dark green once again meets blue eyes. She bites her heart shape lips, and he thinks it’s a shame that he can’t be the one to do it. His eyes travel over her beautiful round face. Perfect lips, high cheek bones, cute button nose, Sparkling emerald eyes and long dark wavy hair. She’s almost perfect. ALMOST. They could never be together. Her, the poor girl from the other side of the tracks. Him, the star quarterback. Tragic Romance. That’s the stuff that can only happen in movies.


                Sure they could fuck. He would brag to his friends, putting another blemish on the view of others towards her. She would curse at him every time he walks by, and regret every second of their time together. They couldn’t do that. They could NEVER do that. It would have to be something more than fucking between them. So this is how it would stay. Sitting in the hallway outside the principal’s office. Him for fighting over something as stupid as the last Dr. Pepper in the vending machine, which he will get a warning and a slap on the wrist. Her for being late since she had to walk to school because her parents didn’t have enough money to send her to college and buy her, her own car. She’ll get Saturday detention, since this was the fourth time.

                 The door opens a smile on the principal’s face ushering the handsome jock in, He turns to look at her and that smile turns into a frown and a head shake. He goes back inside and closes the door. Just another day of longing for the young teens. Another day of denying Passion, need, and acceptance.


Girls night in!

So this girls night we decided to watch Pretty woman, our dressing theme was high class prostitute ,our drink of choice was champagne, and we ate pasta.

There wasn’t anything new to watching pretty woman other than realizing that Richard Gere is a silver fox who can’t drive stick, Julia Roberts is all Teeth, but has the most vibrant big hair and Jason Alexander always plays assholes. It was fun watching my maid of honor get so caught up in the story and sometimes catching her mouthing the words. Some how we got to talking about Richard Gere being hotter than George Clooney, and the words “Richard Gere was the first George Clooney” somehow came out of my mouth and somehow me and the MoH started  poking each other because that would make her pee and we erupted in giggles that I blame on the champagne.

The Champagne was Wilson’s Creek Almond Champagne and it was delicious and Cheap ($10 a bottle) and gave the finest of buzzes. Despite the bubbles it went down smooth, and was so pretty in my glass flutes.

I did better this time than last; wearing a hot pink form fitted dress that falls above the knees had a sweetheart neckline with slits right above the cleavage. It was surprising comfortable, but now that I think about it I should be a bit worried that I completely failed at dressing for a tea party but tell me to be a whore and I go above and beyond. It’s kind of depressing.


I ate too much pasta completely demolishing my diet.

Bottom Line; Champagne is delicious, Dressing like a classy whore is easy, Pretty Woman is a classic romantic comedy, and I need to get back on my diet. The night a complete success.

Congratulations Tesla!


So I have yet to get the chance to write my Introducing Tesla! post, but this is something I can’t hold off from.

For 6 weeks Tesla has been taking a Puppy Manners class, what this class does is help teach the puppies how to sit; stand, down, loose leash training, roll over and even a couple of agility tricks. The Class is only $70.00 (which is extremely cheap compared to other places) and the teacher is incredibly nice and you can tell is a extreme dog lover.

The entire time Tesla has been fighting me when I’m at these classes, wanted to instead pull on the leash and play with the puppies . (this class also teaches the puppies to play correctly) At the end of the class the puppies have to take a small test, which is almost like an obstacle course. To be honest I had my doubts on whether Tesla can pass this class.

Last night Tesla surprised me, doing the obstacle course like a pro with no mistakes, I would even dare say the fastest time. I’m oh so proud of her, and I feel really bad I ever doubted her.


This is her certificate and Perfect attendance ribbon, which I will proudly display once I buy a frame.



Oh how we humans are.

Yesterday when I was walking Tesla I notice a mother walking with her kids. One of her kids, a boy, was walking ahead of her and ended up walking into the street just as a car was coming by. I heard her scream and watched as she barely pulled the child out of the way. This happened in only a couple of seconds.

I thought the mother would be relieved, but I watched fascinated as she berated the child that ran in the street, yelled at him to the point where he was in tears and clearly traumatized. I didn’t say anything just watched, I understood her anger, and more importantly I understood her fear. I knew she was yelling only cause she was terrified, and most likely not angry at the kid, but at herself. She dragged the kid away and by that time Tesla was eager to move, but this got me thinking. Why do we when were scared or angry do we take it out in this way?

I don’t really feel like breaking out my psych 101 textbook, and I didn’t really want to over analyzed , but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My mind wandered towards the mother’s reaction and not emotionally, but physically too. Did she sweat, was her heart pounding, hands trembling? Was she mad at herself or the child, and what about that child? Does he know how close he was to death? He would have died, judging by how small he was and how fast that car was moving he most certainly would have. Then I remembered someone else, his little sister who was holding the hand of the mother, did she understand anything? Did that driver even notice? He didn’t slow down, probably didn’t even look back.

Then I started to imagine myself in that situation. How would I have reacted, would have I even been able to save him? I shake my head at this, so many questions that I’ll never get the answer to, and all of this by just walking the dog.

Animal Lovers Unite!: Strut your Mutt Los Angeles


Strut your Mutt Los Angeles was today and let’s just say I’m Dog tired. For those of you who don’t know Strut your Mutt is a 1k group dog walk hosted by Best Friends Animal Society. You walk to raise money for different Animal Organizations of your choosing. After the 1k walk, your finish line is the start of a small fair that included Free Vitamin water and Ice water for you and your Mutt. It contained different booths that included stylish hand made dog collars and leashes, nice clothing, and other trinkets. They had doggie yoga and manicures for you pets.


We Strutted for Dogs Without Borders one of the smaller foundations and everyone was nice and just as excited as we were to strut.


We were so excited to start walking. Including Tesla


This was her first big event, and I was so excited for her. Unfortunately the heat was blasting from above and we started a little later than the scheduled 10 AM. Tesla being so young almost didn’t make it to the finish line. but she pulled through and I was (am)  so proud of her. Of course as soon as we got home she knocked out.

Definitely will be back next year can’t wait!

Here are also a couple of links to check out!




Introducing Mordechai!


Yup that’s right, I named my cat Mordechai, Why? Why not?

He’s a long dark haired Tabby that’s a bit of a scary cat when confronted with something he doesn’t know. His favorite things to do are sneaking outside, scratch his post and sleep on my laptop so I can’t use it.

He gets a bit annoyed by his little (but bigger in size) sister Tesla. I got him at 10 weeks old and he looked like a little wolf when surrounded but his siblings that consisted of  white grey and Siamese cats. He was also that only one that didn’t meow. Of course he ended up learning how to meow at first sounding like a beat up squeak toy.

He likes to sleep between my fiance and I in bed taking up as much space as his little 11 pound body can, and when he stands on you it feels like he knows every pressure point in your body that can inflict pain. Mordechai loves treats and stealing fish off my dinner plate when I’m not looking. He’ll eat my hair ties causing a humiliating moment when I see them hanging out of certain body parts and have to take it out of him.

He sleeps in a dog bed and tries to steal his little sisters bully and bones, but I love the guy and I can’t picture life without him

TroubledFred, Please insert foot in mouth, Thanks

I know I should really think about the things that come out of my mouth before I say them, and I have actually been trying really hard to become somewhat of a nicer, more stable person.

Unfortunately this was not one of those times.

It started out nice enough and I was actually proud to hold a conversation with some unknown person, since I don’t do it often, but then of course one sentence rolled out of my mouth and poof awkward moment that I fled from. This conversation took place at Comikaze! this saturday, and I knew the guy was trying to sell me his comic, but my friend and I are really trying to build different contacts and network.

Here’s the conversation

Nice Man: Hey so do you like comics?

Me: Yea, I love comics I read them all the time.

Nice Man: really? so what kind of comics do you read?

Me: Everything.

Nice man: that’s great, I actually am an artist for this comic right here *shows me comic, artwork is actually very good*

Me:This is awesome, I wish I had the talent to draw, if anything I would do the writing.

Nice man: you write, that’s great what have you written?

Me: well I haven’t written lately since I work a lot, you know since I have a real job.

Realizing what I said I turned to my Fiance to try and help me out only to discover that him just shaking his head at me. Looking at the guy and awkward silence ensued, that followed with me saying a quick goodbye and leaving.

Leaving with just one last regret, I should have at least bought his comic.


I had written a long post about my disappoint for the Stan Lee Comikaze! convention. Unfortunately my computer had decided to delete my entire post. Apparently it did not like me being negative about The Man Stan so I decided to just make this semi short and not at all sweet.

Disappoint one: No direction. When we got to the convention center at 9:40am we could not figure out what line to stand in and where the line even ended, and staff didn’t seem to be anywhere around. It was hot and my fiance started to get cranky. Also people were so confused that a second line formed that had to be merged with the first line. which made people even more cranky, this made me a bit happy as I was not alone in my crankiness.

Disappoint two: horribly long lines that did not move. We waited in line for almost two hours, when we got to the end we got some paper wrist band that was just disappointing, we also had weekend passes, so we were just suppose to wear the wrist band all weekend or did we have to reprint our tickets and wait in another line for another two hours on Sunday? (we didn’t go sunday so I didn’t get to find out)

Now due to disappoint one and two, I was left in a bad mood as I was hot and tired, I went to get a bottle of water. These lines were just as bad as the ticket line! Giving up we decided to wander the floor. The floor was a pretty decent size and since everyone was still waiting in line somewhere it wasn’t so bad until I noticed the prices, now I know this is not Comikaze or Stan Lee’s fault for prices of the items people sell but it seems like since March most items had doubled. In my complete and utter disappointment I forgot to the take pictures (My fault) and we ended up leaving sooner than expected, as all the panels that I wanted to get into were completely filled to standing room only.

Maybe next year they will be much more organized and committed to letting people have a good time, and hey from some of the reviews I’ve read a couple of people have, probably not the ones I saw that were red faced, scowling and sweating bullets.

Let’s hope Long Beach comic-con is better.

Girls Night In!

So every other Tuesday  a couple of my friends and I have a girls night in where we get dressed up to some kind of theme then make some drinks, then sit and watch some girly movie we haven’t seen in years.

Last night was Princess Diaries deuce: Royal Beat down. Okay it wasn’t really called that but wouldn’t it be amazing if it was? Its actually called Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Last girls time we watched Princess Diaries so its only natural we watch the sequel. I really had no say in the matter as my partners in girls night were the ones to actually pick the movie but its only fair to let them have a couple before I swoop in a take over.

Our fashion theme attire was tea party, something that completely baffled me. I was told something “flowy” so that was what I wore but apparently flowy was not the word that should have described a tea party dress. A tea party attire (at least in my opinion now) is a dress made of light, pastel material usually worn with sheer stocking and a kitten heel, can be accessorized with a clutch purse and big floppy hat. Oh how I wish for a big floppy hat, I would wear it every day.

The drink of choice for that night was a Peartini (Pear Martini) since unfortunately Bevmo does not carry Peartini mixer we were forced to “wing it” or substitution was pear juice and of course vodka.

Peartini recipe:

1 part Pear Juice
1 Part Vodka

Combine Juice and Vodka in shaker along with Ice. Shake to your hearts content. Pour into Martini Glass.

That’s easy enough. it was also very delicious, the pear juice made it sweet while the vodka balances it out. This is definitely something I’ll be drinking again.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen Princess Diaries two: Royal Engagement that I was completely baffled by the fact that it starred Chris Pine. This immediately blew my mind, my mind was blown even further by the fact that Stan Lee made a cameo appearance. this lead me to believe that I was missing something somewhere, that there was a Princess Diaries comic where Mia was actually a super hero who had to take back her land from a evil super villain. I’m thinking it was probably Doctor Doom, yea definitely  Doctor Doom. He seems like he would try to take her land.

This lead us to have a discussion about whether we should cosplay at next years Wondercon, even going so far as to plan these outfits (we most likely would never wear). Seeing Stan Lee also reminded me that this weekend is Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo at convention center, I’m super excited!

Bottom line is, The dress was a failure, the drinks were a hit and the movie well let’s just say its was okay even if I don’t remember half of it.