Introducing me?

If your wondering my name really isn’t Fred, but you don’t really need to know what my real name is.

That was a bit rude of me, Let start over.

Hello I’m “Fred”

I created this blog as an outlet of sorts, whether you find it helpful, informative, creative or imaginative is really up to you. I won’t be discussing any one topic but mostly a handful of things I find interesting. I might even discuss things from my actual life that you readers might even enjoy.

Let me now tell you a bit about me; I’m just a slight bit egotistical, maybe throw in some narcissism, I can be neurotic about certain things (I like to think I can hide it, but it peeks through at certain times) surprisingly I’m not competitive actually choosing to stay passive in most situations, I don’t really know if I’m apathetic or just lethargic I’ll say both. I don’t really have that filter people have when they thinks things and I tend to say them before realizing that maybe somethings should just be left unsaid, although I have been trying recently and think I have gotten better about it.

There are three important things in my life that you will probably hear a lot about.

First is my fiance  who I have been with for almost nine years (September 23rd). I’ll most likely discuss my adventure of planning my wedding (next year) on here so you all should know this.

Next is my Handsome cat Mordechai. He’s over a year old and I love my little scary cat to death

Last but not least is my Tesla Bear. We got her when she was 8 weeks old from the Carson Animal Shelter. She’s about four months old now and still just as much of handful now as she was then.

There you go. Enjoy!